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Audible Forms focuses on the use, representation and visualization of music in contemporary art, bringing together both synaesthetic and non-synaesthetic approaches with a particular focus on sound sculptures, sound installations and video works.

The title quotes the homonymous work by Italian artist Michele Spanghero, whose practice researches a natural synthesis between visual art and sound by constantly exploring the limits of the media he employs. Representative of his work is the sound sculpture “Ad Lib.” (2016), in which a medical machine for pulmonary ventilation is connected to a set of  organ pipes, resulting in a musical chord playing with the  constant rhythm of the mechanical breath.
Michele Spanghero’s works will be shown every Wednesday and Saturday at 9PM (Berlin / NY / Shanghai) and anytime on ikono On Demand.
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Internationally renowned curator Kathy Rae Huffman presents a selection of works from the virtual exhibition Enhanced Vision - Digital Video, initially curated for ACM SIGGRAPH (every Tuesday and Friday at 9PM, Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time). The project “DeepHorizon” by the Swiss-Austrian-American artist duo UBERMORGEN (lizvlx and Hans Bernhard) is a digital “oil” painting that subverts the traditional use of paint in art history and refers instead to the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010), where a “slick, the size of Puerto Rico, is beginning to paint the coastlines” (from the DeepHorizon Manifesto).
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Focused on video works, the special program Audible Forms will be shown every Thursday and Sunday of the month, at 9PM (Berlin / NY / Shanghai) and anytime on ikono On Demand.
More information: Here

The first part of Audible Forms brings together works employing instruments and sound techniques in an experimental or metaphorical manner. Berlin-based composer Ulrike Haage’s work “Between Sound and Silence” (2013) explores the particular sound of the monastery Lüne in Lüneburg, with a poetic interplay of sound and image. Russian artists Mikhail Basov and Natalia Basova’s silent work “Film for Imaginary Music” (2014), shows an old vinyl disc incessantly rolling along the shore, driven by an invisible external force. In Romy Pocztaruk’s “Suite Transbrasil” (2011), an old phonograph inside a fish tank plays Omar Fontoura’s composition, especially created for the unveiling of the Trans-Amazonian Highway in 1972. The program also features works by Adel Abidin, Mounir Fatmi, William Kentridge and Jaan Toomik.

The second part of Audible Forms focuses on synaesthetic techniques and the visualization of music. NY-based artist Neil Harbisson was born colorblind and is the first person in the world who has an antenna implanted in his head which allows him to listen to colours by transforming chromatic shades into specific tunes. His work “Sonochromatic Music Scale” (2011) introduces us to his peculiar way of seeing colors exclusively through sounds. Mateo Amaral’s ongoing project “Una Piedra Negra” is a digital animation in the form of experimental abstraction, ranging from science fiction, noise and psychedelia. Pierce Warnecke’s work explores the hidden, frantic life of inanimate objects by experimenting with abstract manipulation of sounds and images (“Silent Light Reveals the Unreal”, 2016). Audible Forms also includes works by Thorsten Fleisch, Carlotta Piccinini, and Daniel Schwarz&Davide Cairo.



Audible Forms, group show

Michele Spanghero, solo show

Enhanced Vision (selections), by Kathy Rae Huffman

Old Masters: Audible Forms

Madonna, thematic show