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Since the 18th Century, the process of industrialization drastically modified the relationship between the individual and the landscape. With the expansion of urban areas and the proliferation of constructions and infrastructures, our visual field experienced a radical change: architecture-overloaded urban environment progressively hid the horizon, almost impeding us to gaze at the open land. With the evolution of a new, overcrowded environment and the sudden proximity of buildings, the open outlook shrinked into tunnel vision.

Nature almost disappeared or became part of a urban planning in which meadows were covered with fields of concrete and an increasing number of taller buildings serve to an ever-growing population. The skyline has replaced the profile of mountains; concrete, plastic and glass have replaced organic matter.

The traditional connotation and experience of a landscape is today completely transfigured, and it is in some ways configured in an experience that is physically confined  to the outskirts of our daily life.  Moreover, the urban landscape has now become our actual “natural” landscape.

With this in mind, the program Inner Land brings together a selection of video works with the aim of observing and exploring the way artists deal today with the environment and the notion of landscape, and the issues that eventually arise when the natural and the artificial overlap.

The program of January 2017, entitled Inner Land, comprises an homonymous group show of selected artists, a Solo Show by American artist Richard. T. Walker and by the Italian duo Flatform; the Carte Blanche by Italian curator Claudio Musso “Evergreen. The landscape between drifts and missing Landings” and a one hour program of old masters depicting diverse ideas of landscapes.




Solo Show:  FLATFORM

Group Show:  INNER LAND

Carte Blanche by Claudio Musso:  EVERGREEN

Old Masters:  INNER LAND