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24h Live, starting on
Saturday, September 10 at 9:30pm

Only on ikonoTV

ikonoTV is delighted to announce this year again its collaboration with
POOL International Video Dance Festival.

Participating films and winners of this upcoming 10th edition will be screened on ikonoTV on September 10-11 in a special event exclusively dedicated to video dance.

Every year POOL presents a selection of fascinating video dance productions from all over the world, which makes the event a meeting place for creative people involved in the fields of dance, film, fashion, and advertisement.

For more information about POOL 16 see

ikonoTV will screen works by:

Augenblick, Bertrand Guerry and Thibaut Ras , Stella Fotiadi, Nikita Maneshwary, Miloushka Bokma, Azzurra Lugari, Marco Alma, Rocio Gauna, Sascha Engel, Johan Planefeldt, Rain Kenkana, Adrian Künzel,
Stephan Cornelio Velema, Oshman Inbal, Athina Δ, Boris Seewald, Timo Zhalnin, Marites Carino, Nicolas Habas, Roswitha Chesher, Angel Estrada.

ikonoTV will also be at DOCK 11 (Berlin) on Saturday, 10th and showcase its program after POOL 16's screenings.

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Focus on: Rain Kenkana

Filmed in Berlin’s Oderberger Stadtbad, and set to music by The Krauts, the shifting camera perspectives of Rain Kencana’s Maktub chart the choreographed movements of a couple locked in
a dance of attraction and opposition.

Maktub is a preview of our On Demand playlist of video dance.
Watch more here