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« For thirty years I've been asking myself
why fine art is not as popular as music in its ability
to influence our personal and cultural sustenance.

Can I do for fine art what the radio did for music?
I came up with the idea that you can have a
'radio for visual arts' on the same
screen on which you have your music.

With ikonoTV,
your television becomes a living work of art »


As of today, ikonoTV offers a free art stream for internet and SmartTV users. Its curated program leads the eye of the viewer through artworks from the most diverse cultures, showcasing contemporary pieces together with classical art.The 'art film clip' format, exclusively seen on ikonoTV, was created through a collaborative effort between art curators, filmmakers, editors and artists. The films on ikonoTV tell a visual story, a comment-free art experience that allows for people to have an emotional response to the work of art.

With the addition of the ON DEMAND feature, a subscription-based program, ikonoTV permits viewers access to exclusively curated playlists of the world's most famous artworks and art talks.

Markevitch's goal with ikonoTV, and specifically the On Demand feature, is to do for the art world what Pandora and Spotify did for music.
ikonoTV can be streamed online on all web devices and has already been downloaded on over 500,000 smartTV sets.


TED Talk

Elizabeth Markevitch's "How can art become as widespread as music"

D.DAY Talk

Elizabeth Markevitch and Masha McConaghy - Digitalization and intellectual property.
ikonoTV uses ascribe's blockchain technology to protect authorship and transfer files securely:"Blockchain: how the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin could change the art market". The Art Newspaper, 29 September 2016


NY Times Conferences

Art For Tomorrow 2016 - Will the Internet redefine the Global Art Market?
Marc Spiegler, Elizabeth Markevitch, and Hans-Ulrich-Obrist


Ina - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

Forum d'Avignon, Edition 2013 - Création et économie : Ikono TV
Elizabeth Markevitch