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A 24H Video Program on the Environment

After the successful response last year with more than 400 submissions from 23 countries, we are glad to announce the open call for our upcoming Art Speaks Out 2016 - ikonoTV's video program entirely focused on the environment.

Open Call
Who can apply?

The open call is addressed to artists whose work broadly focuses on pressing environmental issues including (but not limited to) water levels rising, greenhouse gases and pollution, desertification, nuclear energy, deforestation, extreme urbanization etc. We are particularly interested in works showing how technical catastrophes are increasingly affecting our environment, being 2016 also the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

IMPORTANT: We are welcoming submissions of short videos exclusively employing moving image and sound, with no verbal narrative or text added. Submissions of works not respecting these requirements will not be considered for this program.

How to apply?

Artists interested in submitting their video work should upload it on Vimeo, and email the link and password with a current CV to

If images are used whose copyright belongs to other artists or sources, explicit authorization must be obtained prior to application. It is possible to apply with more than one video work.

Application Deadline: Due to the great number of submissions, deadline has been put off to August, 31st


The video program ART SPEAKS OUT will be broadcast worldwide on November 12th for 24-hours, staring in at 6PM CET on the experimental, non-narrative TV channel ikonoTV. In addition, it will be broadcast during special screenings and events in collaboration with partner institutions worldwide (to be confirmed and requiring prior acceptance from the artist).

The exhibition will be accessible to every viewer via SmartTV, satellite, or web streaming with any device connected to the Internet (

The most outstanding video works will premiere during the special program ART SPEAKS OUT and will be invited to become part of the ikonoTV regular programming.

Artists agree to allow ikonoTV to broadcast their video work and to publish stills, video fragments, or the entire work for the purposes of promotion and social media; ownership is exclusively retained by the artist, and it will be acknowledged throughout.

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