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Now available on ikono OnDemand

September's program on ikonoTV brings together works that focus their attention
on the corporal expression, the movement, and the representation of the body in paintings, sculptures, dance performances, and video works throughout the history of Art.

The enhancement refers both to the changes that inevitably occur between the real body and
the represented body, a shift in which Art acts as a bridge from a flawed reality
(the body is mortal, it decays) and an ideal of perfection, positively pursued by artists.

From an idealized image of beauty as in Botticelli, to a more realistic representation of the body in exercise, as in the ballerinas by Degas, the body has always been a main subject in art,
becoming a vehicle to express movement, emotion or idealized beauty. And when the body is missing, it is always symbolically present through the objects that relate to it, as in the still lifes with musical instruments by Juan Gris, where music is the subliminal act of human existence.

The enhancement also refers to the improved performative possibilities that the video techniques offer to any work involving the body in motion. The Contemporary Program includes extraordinary highlights such as the video-performances by Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo, an Italian duo reflecting on the complexity of intimate interactions between human beings;
and a curated selection of video works from the POOL Video Dance Festival, happening in Berlin on September 8-10th.

On Sunday 10th, starting at 9:30pm CET,
ikonoTV will broadcast for 24h special dedicated to video dance, with extraordinary artists among whom Rain Kenkana ("Goldfish"), Johan Planefeldt ("In Touch"), Timo Zhalnin ("Black Square"), Azzurra Lugari ("ARIA"), Bertrand Guerry and Thibaut Ras ("Ocean's Memories")...
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