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A program of digital video art curated by Federica Patti

Diego Zuelli, Carlotta Piccinini, Glenn Marshall, Boris Labbé, Marco Mendeni, Mattia Casalegno, Daniel Schwarz and Davide Cairo, Pasquale Fameli, Francesco Lettieri

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"Vertigo is a defensive reaction of the body that warns of a lack of orientation and points of reference: it no longer finds its place in the World. It is a feeling of dizziness, a blurring of the brain, where everything moves until balance is lost. A crisis of identity, no longer adhering to imposed generic standards, a sense of helplessness from physical and mental inertia, and panic of failing: something like what Lovink calls the Psychopathology of information overload.

It is the collapse of Cartesian axes and the boundary between two worlds, intuition and another that defies logic, dynamics and extensions. Art has represented Vertigo with eclectic and excessive virtuosity: bizarre, punk, visionary and symbolic, anti-naturalistic, psychedelic, theatrical or unbalanced tools. The works presented in this CB speak the same baroque language, visualizing the present moment, but also hypothesizing a future development. A way out.

In his works Diego Zuelli reveals the balancing act between reality and its computer reconstruction, choosing conversion and transcendence. With an unnatural attention to detail and an intimate, sometimes dreamlike or movielike, approach, he invites us to question the Society of the Spectacle. Immersive spaces, 3D digital sculptures created in the image and likeness of mathematical and scientific models are showned in 'Particle Man' by Glenn Marshall. A manic 2.0 craftsmanship, made of studies in Newtonian physics to investigate forces, accelerations and the mass of individual particles of matter - narrated and created via software.
As well, programming videogame environments, Marco Mendeni constant searches for the mimesis, never ceasing to amaze us with similarity and fruition which is increasingly detailed every time. Boris Labbé was given the mission to undermine the ordinary alphabet of cinematographic representation, making us sink into cyclic worlds of palingenesis, where loops also mean regeneration - from the infinitely small to the infinitely big - and a perpetual return to life.
Daniel Schwarz and Davide Cairo's video seems to be a potential space, where he builds ephemeral architecture and free space-districts; scaffolding assets that stand out in cosmic darkness.
At the opposite, using imagery taken from the Italian workshop of the master sculptor Antonio Canova, Casalegno’s brilliant work is a reflection on the human body and its reverent relationship to knowledge and power.

Mixing, hybriding, replicating, cloning generated forms (and forces) that can reformulate patterns or overcome prejudices will give life to figures, organisms, systems, or even entire universes. They hope the (con)fusion of genres develop bio-diversity or eco-diversity, according to Virilio. They prophesize hyper-senses as an antidote to the crisis. They grip presence and duration as discriminating tools for achievement and also for understanding any reality or phenomenon."
Federica Patti


About the curator:

Federica Patti (b.1983) is an independent curator who lives and works in Bologna, Italy. In 2010 she graduated at the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum, where she wrote on interactivity in contemporary art for her master’s thesis.
Her research focuses on contemporary experimental art movements, with particular interest in multimedia, emerging artists and interactive and participatory projects.
She co-founded roBOt, an international festival dedicated to digital arts and electronic music that celebrates its 9th edition in 2016: October 5-8.



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