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Carte Blanche to the MOMENTUM Collection

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Janet Laurence, The Other Side of Nature (Panda) / Kate McMillan, Paradise Falls I / Janet Laurence, Dingo / Kate McMillan, Paradise Falls II / Janet Laurence, Deep Breathing: Resuscitation for the Reef / Thomas Eller, THE White Male Complex, #5 (Lost) / Janet Laurence, Grace / Stefano Cagol, Evoke Provoke (the border) / James P. Graham, Chronos


Discussion about sustainability of the environment is intrinsically linked to the sustainability of basic human rights. Seeking to preserve the natural habitats of the animals and plants of the forests and oceans, also maintains our human natural habitat, prolonging access to clean air, clean water, the ability to grow food, and the hope to live peacefully. 

The accelerating phenomenon of urbanization is fuelled by the multiple causes of migration: refugees fleeing war zones, economic migrants fleeing poverty, those escaping famines brought on by desertification and changing climates.  As these migrants all gather together in megacities, the question of how to live in an urban context itself becomes an environmental issue.  With our natural habitat shifting inexorably from the rural to the urban, we need to nurture the knowledge of how to live with nature in order to ensure that our natural surroundings do not become only memories for future generations. 

Natural Habitats brings together 5 artists from the MOMENTUM Collection from countries as diverse as Australia, Italy, England, and Germany, all of whom have visited sites of environmental change and human disaster to create subtle works reflecting upon our changing planet.  Kate McMillan's works revisit the sites of historical traumas, now  almost forgotten, dwarfed by natural beauty. Thomas Eller's perpetually drowning White Male is doing so in the very waters of Lampedusa where so many migrants lost their lives. Stefano Cagol confronts the ice caps of the Arctic Circle with the destructiveness of man. While James P. Graham presents a microcosm of mankind's natural habitat. And Janet Laurence's films capture the tragic beauty of animals on the verge of extinction and the disappearing habitats of the Great Barrier Reef. Shot in wildlife sanctuaries around the world, we revisit Laurence's works which were shown on ikonoTV in 2015 in the Art Speaks Out festival, and at the concurrent UN Climate Conference, COP21.



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MOMENTUM is a non-profit platform for Time-Based art, active worldwide since 2010, with headquarters in Berlin at the Kunstquartier Bethanien Art Center. MOMENTUM’s program is composed of local and international Exhibitions, Artist and Curator Residencies, Video Art in Public Space Initiatives, a Performance Program and Archive, an Education Archive, and a growing Collection.

ABOUT THE MOMENTUM COLLECTION: The MOMENTUM Collection was established in 2010 through the generosity of a small group of artists who’s work was shown at MOMENTUM's inaugural event, MOMENTUM Sydney in May 2010. The donations of their works constituted their investment in MOMENTUM’s then-nascent model as a global and mobile platform for showing time-based art. Six years later, the MOMENTUM Collection has expanded from its original roster of 10 to 34 artists. The Collection represents a cross-section of over 120 outstanding artworks in a diversity of media: video, performance, photography, painting, collage, and text. It ranges from some of the most established to emerging artists representing 22 countries worldwide: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Turkey, the UK, and the US. The growth of the Collection reflects the growth of MOMENTUM itself. While we develop and nurture our relationships with these artists, we continually endeavor to bring their work to new audiences worldwide.