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Look at current pressing issues through the eyes of Old Masters

To create a dialogue with our environmental special, ikonoTV will be presenting a selection of old masters to offer an unusual perspective. We pass from the depiction of natural cataclysms like volcanoes, to C.D. Friedrich’s iconic Polar Landscapes. This juxtaposition, followed by a scorching sun by Munch, suddenly takes on a very contemporary reading.  Goya’s Sleep of Reason is the perfect introduction to the horrors of war and its consequences, and we discover not only a new interpretation of the famous Raft of Medusa, but also a lesser known Daumier painting of emigrants or the Wreck of a Slave Ship by Turner. These images sadly echo with the familiar ones we see on today’s news. Finally we pass to the theme of hunting, questioning our legitimacy in this practice throughout art history. We end on a more positive and hopeful note with Giotto’s Saint Frances, an attempt to reconcile the world of humans with the world of animals.


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