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Curated by Kathy Rae Huffman

Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

In December 2016 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV.
Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

Fisher&Rice, Wobbe F. Koning, Myriam Thyes
Joon Sung, UBERMORGEN, Thomas Porett



Enhanced Vision - Digital Video focuses on showing the manner in which digital methodologies enhance the moving image, and how these effects can reveal specific meaning and content that would not be revealed otherwise. Each selected work brings its own unique and original artistic style to expose socially significant issues. These works may use open source, individually coded, proprietary and commercial software, off-the-shelf graphic programs, giving artists the capability to reveal what a camera alone cannot capture. Thus, the unique aspects of video as a time-based art form, when combined with digital effects and computer graphics are capable of expanding the understanding of critical issues. The resulting “enhanced vision” reveals inventive ways of conveying significant, socially relevant ideas to online audiences. The ability of contemporary video to integrate effects and content utilizing digital components adds a deeper level of understanding to the literal meaning of the work.



"Arcadia", Fisher&Rice

Arcadia uncovers some unpleasant truths about idealized pastoral landscapes.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: When not working at a full time job as Technical Coordinator at Video Pool Artist-Run Centre, helping to raise his three young children or researching genocide, Winnipeg based video artist Rick Fisher makes video artworks over extended periods of time mostly with fellow prairie artist Don Rice. After undergraduate art school, Rick worked underground in a mine for ten years. He was then accepted into graduate school where he was expelled (with a 4.0 GPA) and named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a $103 million lawsuit for conspiracy to destroy one of America's largest private art schools. He subsequently worked at media arts artist-run centers on the Canadian prairies for twenty years.
Don Rice is a digital media artist based in Winnipeg. Rice has created work in the mediums of video, www, print, audio, cd rom, performance and photography. The main body of his work is in video, mostly with fellow prairie artist Rick Fisher.

"City.Flow()", Wobbe F. Koning

An optical flow of processed video shows crowds of ghost like people floating though their urban environment washed over by natural forces.


"Apotheosis of Glasgow High-Rises", Myriam Thies

"My themes deal with symbols, myths and visual signs from architecture, politics, films, and religions. My artworks are explorations of their meanings, a questioning, reassessments, and creations of new associations. In order to undermine entrenched representations, I work directly with them, to develop them further, transform them and juxtapose them against new representations. My works are conceptual and sensual at the same time, using animation, abstraction, and found footage to present critical views of political, social and religious systems. Symbols and mythic figures undergo transformations, start to communicate and build new relations - symbols of identities turn into elements of dialogues. Although my artworks and projects look different in style, they all have something in common: Constructive and deconstructive visual composition, as well as a content that doesn't tell stories but rather comments on society, art history and philosophy." Myriam Thies

"Particle Daydreams", Joon Sung

In this work, minute particles produced by a cup of buckwheat tea flew up in a line like a flock of ephemeral mayfly. I was genuinely absorbed in the phenomenon and found it created a beauty of movement and a visual catharsis.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Originally from Korea, currently based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S., Joon Sung is a media artist and professor of Western Kentucky University, has produced a diverse body of work comprised of video, computer animation and painting. His work has been included in many exhibitions and festivals in the U.S. and abroad, more recently at Digital Graffiti Festival, USA (2015); 9th River Film Festival, Italy (2015); 10th Athens Animfest, Greece (2015); Inconnu Festival, France (2015); Enhanced Vision - Digital Video ACM SIGGRAPH, USA (2015).

"Deephorizon (Variation 2)", UBERMORGEN

An oil painting on a 80.000 square miles ocean canvas with 800 million liters of oil - a unique piece of art. These paintings represent the "Verkuenstlichung" of nature and the "Vernatuerlichung" of art.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: lizvlx (AT, born January 30, 1973) and Hans Bernhard (CH/USA, born July 23, 1971) are European artists who work in installation, video, code and performance. They are doing strange things with software & hardware. Their early work is referred to as 'Media Hacking' and 'Online Performance', combining various forms of digital media into artistic action. In 2000, they created Vote-Auction, a vote-selling/buying online platform and were described by CNN as 'maverick Austrian business people'. The New York Times called their 2005 'Google Will Eat Itself' project 'simply brilliant. Their main influences are Rammstein, Samantha Fox, Guns N’ Roses & Duran Duran, Pfizer's Olanzapine & Hoffmann's LSD, Lindt's Dark Chocolate & Kentucky Fried Chicken's Coconut Shrimps Deluxe. http://UBERMORGEN.COM


"On China Sea", Thomas Porett

Thomas Porett is an artist that works in the media of photography, video and electronic music. He has exhibited widely nationally in the USA and internationally. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and has been awarded numerous prizes for his photographic, computer mediated and video works.