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TUESDAYS at 9:00pm


Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

In January 2017 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV.

Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

That landscape in art was always more than a simple representation of reality became definitely clear with romanticism. C.D. Friedrich’s paintings certainly go beyond a simple depiction of nature, inducing them with a spiritual understanding of man’s relationship to the vastness of the universe. The mysterious appeal that nature and the landscape have on our inner psyche can also be found in Böcklin’s Isle of the Dead, but even in Millet’s The Angelus. Also outside of Western art the fascination is apparent: in Hokusai’s Great Wave, with its majestic energy, or in the ghostly trees of Hasegawa’s Forest of Pines. Nature can become intimately connected to our darkest dreams, as in Odilon Redon, or become a mirror of our own psychological being, as in van Gogh’s Starry Night. We are still capable of recognizing the deep connection between outer reality and inner representation even in it’s most abstract form, such as in Klee or Mondrian. We hope you enjoy this rather eclectic selection of films that explores the fascination with our inner and outer landscapes.