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Solo Show


Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

In February 2017 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV.
Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand


Ma Qiusha was born in 1982. She received her BA in Digital Media Art from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 and MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University in U.S. in 2008. She currently lives and works in Beijing. As one of the most dynamic figures of the emerging generation in China’s contemporary art community, Ma Qiusha’s artworks have been widely exhibited across the international art scene.

Her works have been shown at Tate Modern, UK; Groninger Museum, the Netherlands;Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany; ZKM(Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe), Germany; Borusan Contemporary, Turkey; Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, U.S.; International Contemporary Art Foundation, Bergen; the Chinese Arts Centre, UK; Stavanger Art Museum, Norway; Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing; Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai; OCAT, Shanghai; National Art Museum of China; and Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, etc. Her recent exhibitions include “Moscow International Biennale for Young Art” at Museum of Moscow; group show at Daimler Art Collection and Wesleyan University, etc. She was nominated for the Pierre Huber Prize (2014) and “Young Artist of the Year” by Award of Art China (AAC) in 2013.



Snow White, 2009

There is a music box in which Snow White of the human figure size is dancing, screened on a yellow cartoon TV. Snow White is colorful and accurate, just vividly coming from the movies, except those fresh mildew stains covering her body.
A shadow of the human figure size is screened on the back of the TV wall, which is an amplified shadow of the Snow White, shrouded by the glass cover of the music box under black and white light.


All My Sharpness Comes From Your Hardness, 2011

A racing motorcycle for the handicapped pulls the two legs wearing ice skates all the way along the pavement. In the harsh noise of scratching, the blades of the ice skates are getting sharpened / blunt alternately due to the change of the postures of the legs.

Embrace, 2011

The individual’s fall in a flash is turned into slow motion, suspended in the air with body movements, facial expressions as though pulling back the imminent fall into an unknown world.
The teenagers filmed in the video could potentially become members of the National team of diving. These children (future stars) have positive, daring postures showing their enthusiasm and eagerness. They are portrayed through a flash on the screen, and the next moment they are out of sight, vanished from the lens of the camera. Within the next ten years, one of them may become a world champion.


Twilight is the Ashes of Dusk, 2011

The artist filmed the fluctuation of the street lights along the Chang'an street from the dusk till the early morning of the next day, the subtle moments on this long and wide street that stretches across the Tian'anmen Square and Tian'anmen Gate Tower, the political and cultural hub of Beijing.

Rainbow, 2013

Rainbow, the one shot with a high-definition camera, presents to the viewers a dream-like scene: three teenage girls in the dress for figure skating are turning around, hand in hand, to mash the tomatoes under their skating shoes. The acnes on the young faces, the tiny meshes on the stockings over the vigorous legs, the splashing crimson juice of the fruit, the glowing edges of the glass vessels, and the blade of the skating shoes, all these details seem to be amplified or more vivid through the HD camera.

Sleeping Beauty, 2015

The artist stimulated a deserted area, mocking the time when the earth was created whereas all land was covered by ice. A drop of bloody-colored liquid becomes the key to all. In the beginning, when it falls from the sky, the ice starts to melt as the ice layer explodes, making a big sound. The nature scene emerges from barely seen to clear over the time when the ice melts.  What’s different is that all shooting is done in an aluminum paper box.(49cmx30cmx7cm) When shooting this part, I also used secondary forming - froze printed photos underwater and then took new ones out of them.

In the end, there’s a girl in a dress, who is packed nicely with plastic papers laying in the flowers. It could also be read as an advanced gifted doll that has just been delivered. Thinking about the theme Sleeping Beauty, our expectations are always the happy ending fairytale, the sleeping princess that is waiting to be awakened by love. However, in contrast to the glorified imagination, the actual scene in the video shows cold-tone plastic paper covering a human body along with the redbreasts crying creepily. The girl inside the plastic paper is pale; her fingers twitch due to lack of oxygen. Everything is not glorious at all.


Mars, 2016

Mars presents the audience with an expanse of fine red sand. A macro lens shows the astonishing texture of red sand particles while aerial shots display sand dunes that show no trace of human activity.  This perspective transcends individual experience by depicting the mysterious surface of a celestial body. The huge waves of red sand rolls endlessly like the infinite expanding of the universe. While the exhibition’s Chinese title—a transliteration of the English word “Wonderland”—seems devoid of meaning, it provides a fertile ground for the imagination to roam free. It takes the body’s corporeal existence as the starting point and casts the audience into the midst of a desert which echoes the sound of the universe.



Courtesy of Beijing Commune