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TUESDAYS at 09:00 pm
WEEKENDS at 11:00 am

Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

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In April 2017 on Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV. Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

Ever since man started using the written word, the actual act of writing became more than just a way to communicate through signs, taking on a decorative aspect that went beyond its mere practical nature. One needs only to think of Egyptian hieroglyphs to understand the visual power that written words can have. This month ikonoTV has selected films that show the beauty of calligraphy in its most diverse forms, from the carefully composed pages patiently written by French monks in the 15th Century to the meditative gestural writing of Japanese Buddhist monks, all the way to the decorative use of Arabic calligraphy, or the 19th Century book designs by William Morris. We hope that this playlist might inspire to re-evaluate the written word in these days of digital keyboard communication!