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TUESDAYS at 09:00 pm
WEEKENDS at 11:00 am

Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

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Painting has always been a medium that allowed the artist the illusion to freeze time.

A portrait would outlive its subject, giving it the gift of immortality. But the artist has also always been aware that this is only an illusion: time does not stop, it is a fleeting moment and everything perishes and dies.

Still Lives are the perfect metaphor for this, freezing on the painted surface an image of a specific moment while the viewer is aware that the real flower has withered, the fruit has rotted and dust will be covering the shiny plates.

This selection of films aims at depicting the various ways in which artists have dealt with the subject of time: from metaphors on vanity to Monet’s meticulous studies of light during the different times of day (the Impressionists named their style specifically taking in consideration time and the fleeting “impression”), arriving to the discovery of photography as the fastest way to capture a specific moment. All the works in this playlist, however different, have in common this subject matter.

The depiction, however still, implies that what we are looking at doesn’t exist anymore, that it has succumbed to the inevitability of time.



© Image: Jean Siméon Chardin, Soap Bubbles, 1768, oil on canvas