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MAY 2017


WEDNESDAYS at 09:00pm

Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

On Internet stream, SmartTV app, AppleTV. Or watch it anytime on ikono On Demand

Sao Paulo, Brazil-based artist Thiago Rocha Pitta’s (b. 1980) temporal and sensitive body of work depicts interventions with the environment from his native Brazil. Through watercolors, photographs, sculpture, and video, Rocha Pitta focuses on small yet emotive elements of the natural world that are simultaneously ominous and melancholy. Driven by a preoccupation with the passage of time, particularly in natural settings, Rocha Pitta often manipulates the pace of his work, confronting his viewer with quiet, curious introspection and an open-ended sense of longing.

temporal maps of a tidal land / temporal maps of a non-sedimented land


temporal maps

In these series, Rocha Pitta develops his study of nature through videos, each depicting a different desert terrain in Argentina. Referred to as “maps,” these videos capture a deceptively small physical alteration in the land that causes it to either fall, collapse, or become wet or dry. Although an organic process is not at play here (the alterations are the artist’s experiments), the videos still surge with activity and transformation which allude to universal forces like entropy and death. Enacting a cascade of sand like an hourglass, or a desiccation of a small stream of water, Rocha Pitta suggests that physical dynamism is not only the prerogative of living beings, and further, that maps cannot adequately represent the ongoing effects of time. Viewed together, Rocha Pitta’s videos are a meditation on the formation and deformation of geological processes. Individually, they act like monochrome digital frescoes, amplifying the sometimes small, but nonetheless destructive forces that act incrementally together on the bedrock of our planet.


Image Credits: thiago rocha pitta, temporal map of a tidal land, 2015, video
Text Credits: