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JUNE 2017


TUESDAYS at 09:00 pm
WEEKENDS at 11:00 am

Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time


How to Watch?

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Nature and animals where -for obvious reasons- the first subjects of art, from the cavemen up to our present time. While in ancient times the connection between humans and animals was not only unquestionable but also part of an entire religious system of beliefs, the implementation of monotheism, with the assumption that God has created mankind in his own image, automatically created a gap of separation, placing humans on a superior level, bringing on the catastrophic consequences of which we pay the price in these present times of environmental disasters.

Animals have lost their divine stature to become either prey or pets. They are the true “other” that is there to be used, tamed and/or killed. This playlist presents a small selection of art representing man’s fascination with the animal world: from Dürer’s cold and analytical nature studies to Rubens’ brutal Tiger Hunt, depictions of Orpheus charming the wild animals or Handecoerter exoticism in painting a wide range of different birds, all the way to Gauguin’s utopian paradise in which animals and humans coexist in what seems to be one unifying element, color.



Image Credits: Paul Gauguin, Landscape with Peacocks (detail), Oil on Canvas, 1892