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AUGUST 2017: WEEKENDS at 11:00 am

Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

This month our old masters have been selected to illustrate very diverse images of urban constructions. We start with the biblical tower of Babel, placing two paintings together: a depiction by Breughel and one by Valckenborch. This fantastic construction, bound to fail, is followed by three views of ideal Renaissance cities, perfectly proportioned, with the buildings, streets and open spaces harmonizing with each other. Vermeer prefers to paint exactly what he sees with a photographic eye, thanks to which we can see today what the city of Delft looked like at his time. Architecture in its highest form was used to create venues for the divine. In this program we place together a painting of a church interior followed by the intricate geometrical ornamentations from an Islamic mausoleum. Our show ends like it started, with imaginary views: Hubert's romantic image of the Roman Colosseum and his fantastic Louvre hallways, ending with Piranesi’s Prisons -intricate labyrinth-like interiors that seem to be as dystopian and improbable as the tower of Babel that introduced this monthly theme.



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Image Credits: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Tower of Babel, oil on panel, 1563