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Berlin / NY / Shanghai Time

Maxime Martins is a visual artist and filmmaker. His film, photography and video work use the language of cinematography to question the temporality of images. As he works on contemporary utopias, he is fascinated by the subconscious mechanisms layered in urbanistic and cinematographic dreams. In his works time is suspended in order to reveal the phenomenon at stake in urban spaces.

After studying in France, Australia and Poland, Maxime established himself in Paris where he lives and works. His work has been shown in many exhibitions such as the Art Center of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), the Center for contemporary photography in Melbourne, Australia, Espace à Vendre gallery and the Daniel Boeri gallery in Monaco among others. His films have also been selected in different festivals such as Un Festival c'est trop court! of Nice (special mention of the jury), Festival Videoformes of Clermont Ferrand, Festival du Peu, OVNI Festival. Maxime is currently working on the editing of a recent film shot in Hong Kong and on the development of a short fiction in Castellana Manchega (Central Spain).

Ubikutopia / Vegasiorado / Wolfrahm / Residual Fictions

HD Video, 8:32min, 2015

A character goes back on the technological utopia of the early XXIst century through the creation in 2015 of the city of Songdo in South Korea. The first smart, ubiquitous city.

HD Video, 8:25min, 2015

Las Vegas. City of permanent spectacle, in the middle of the desert. The population and decorations have been withdrawn. The city appears in its brutalistic structure, dedicated to the masses. Vegasiorado, where the promise of joy and fantasy takes the shape of a totalitarian utopia.

By Damien Lévy and Maxime Martins
HD Video, 4:52min, 2013

The deep underground stratum of rock reveal the chronological development of the earth's evolution. Layers of temporality on the planet's scale, ground of the development of civilization and industry. A mine is a resultant architecture, a structure produced through extraction. The rock columns are referred to as "cathedral", and represents the limit of extraction before collapse. Wolfrahm is the original name of the desired rock, highly resistant it is used in aerospace industries. The lying structure of the mine is the fossil of the era which produced it. Suspended in time it waits for its next civilization's exploitation.

Residual Fictions
HD Video, 5:55min, 2016

Residual Fictions is a film made during the shooting of the feature film Crossing Roads (Offshore Productions LLC) in Los Angeles. The structure of the cinematographic setting creates a temporary fictional zone. During a specific time, a space becomes the surface for the creation of a fiction. This "mise en scène" creates simultaneously an infinity of residual fictions. Situations created involontarily caught by the camera's eye. Here these fragments are assembled in a single sequence, forming the continuity of a potential script.

Courtesy of the Artist
©Maxime Martins (depôt SACD)
Image Credits: Maxime Martins, Vegasiorado, HD video, 2015

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