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"DROP" by Fermin Ceballos

A unique Event 12th SEPTEMBER, 11 am Santo Domingo, 5pm Berlin, 7pm Dubai, 12am Tokyo

Fermin Ceballos has been at the Davidoff Art Initiative Residency in Berlin during the summer 2016 where "Drop" has been created.

This 9:49:50 performance will be on ikonoTV's stream (and on most SmartTV, thanks to the ikonoTV application). Or should we say we will experience an amazing way to meditate and focus, inspired by the poem, 'Poetry', by a Dominican poet, Manuel del Cabral, who conveys in a powerful way the idea of purity in water. Fermin Ceballos' piece is a study of water via rain. It is a meticulous and obsessive study exploring the uniqueness of every singular rain drop. The process, which initially appears to imitate scientific research transforms into a grueling meditative practice. The study of each individual drop is central for Fermín Ceballos's longterm interest in understanding the relationship between singular parts and the whole - how each individual part of a greater whole is at the same time a totality in itself.

For the lucky ones living in Santo Domingo, go and visit the actual exhibition at the Lucy Garcia Arte Contemporaneo