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Julian Charriere

Visit his exhibition at the Berlinischer Galerie

For the lucky ones living in Berlin or visiting before early April 2019, discover the latest work by Julian Charriere, "As we used to float" at the Berlinischer Galerie.

The 30 year old swiss artist, shares with us how, a paradisiac place on Earth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, became Hell since 70 years. Why? because of testing atomic weapons on Bikini Atoll. The US nuclear tests killed everything, and everything is still radioactive. The videos show us how a beautiful ocean from which we would expect amazing animals be part of are just gone and not ready to come back soon. It is a strong art work depicting how we, humans, are all responsible of our Environement and how we influence it, unfortunately negatively. It is time we wake up urgently. and