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A "new" Vermeer discovered in Dresden

when painting restoration is also an art

At ikonoTV, there are at least 2 things we get excited about: watching the artistic process of a contemporary Artist in his/her studio and the work of Old Master Paintings Restorers.

This month the restorers of the Dresden Museums revealed the discovery of a very large Cupid at the upper right corner of the famous "Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window" painted round 1657/59.

It is part of the Dresden’s city collections since 1742 and one of just 35 paintings definitively attributed to Vermeer.

This discovery will really change completely the way we already know this painting, and some might already regret the non-busy wall. But it shows how Art History is not a dead science. Researchers, historians and restorers need years to decide first if they will even clean a painting. In this case, they started in 2017 removing first its yellow varnish. Then, when you make such a discovery comes the question, should we reveal it or not? Was it painted by the artist or done after, etc. And finally, the patient work of the restorer, here using a knife to remove the overpaint which becomes real art.

Enjoy the full story here: