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Artist Saype arrives in Paris

starting the largest human chain in the world

Pioneer in the field of painting on grass, artistic movement between the land art and the graffiti, Saype creates gigantic works of art in the landscapes, with a 100% biodegradable paint which he prepares himself.

Thanks to the dynamic & unique MTArt Agency, the Swiss graffiti artist Saype is to create the largest human chain in the world, to generate a real social movement and invite the crowds to benevolence.

"Beyond Walls” will cross borders in order to carry out this universal message and make it travel from city to city, all along this immense human chain. Several megacities of the globe will be invested with always the same guideline: Optimism and living together.

Starting in Paris mid June 2019, and in many other cities around the Globe for the next 3 years.

Stay tuned!

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