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Operation Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum

streaming live the scientific research

The Rijksmuseum is probably the most modern and visionary museum in the world. Its latest “coup”: restore the famous Nightwatch painting by Rembrandt in a glass box allowing all the visitors to witness its investigation and later its restoration.

The Press release states: Never before has such a wide-ranging and thorough investigation been made of the condition of The Night Watch. The latest and most advanced research techniques will be used, ranging from digital imaging and scientific and technical research to computer science and artificial intelligence. The research will lead to a better understanding of the painting’s original appearance and current state, and provide insight into the many changes that The Night Watch has undergone over the course of the last four centuries. The outcome of the research will be a treatment plan that will form the basis for the restoration of the painting.

Please find more information here:

You can also check its youtube channel as it does stream it online too for the rest of us not living in Amsterdam.