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Gitagovinda at Rietberg Museum Zürich

India's Great Love Story until 16th February 2020

The Rietberg Museum is probably one of my favorite museums in the world.

It is in an amazing park in the city of Zurich. A place where time stops by just being surrounded by beauty and keeping you in a very calm state.

Until February 16, 2020, one of its actual temporary exhibitions is showing Gitagovinda, the 'Krishna's song', one of the most important works of Indian literature.

The Gitagovinda is a poetic love story and a masterpiece of miniature painting.

The quality of these paintings, realized by famous court painters of the 18th century in the Pahari region, a region renowned for its impressive school of miniature painting, established the reputation of the Gitagovinda as a remarkable work of Indian art as well.