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In May 2017, ikonoTV is at IBRIDA Art Festival in Forlì (Italy) with a two-nights program dedicated to video performance.


May 5th, 8:30pm

Lars Jan, Holoscenes, Quaternary Suite, Abaya, 2013
Rain Kencana, Goldfish, 2016
Nina Kurtela, Transformance, 2010
Wenfeng Liao, The Relatively Motionless Second, 2015
Lars Jan, Holoscenes, Quaternary Suite, Untitled, 2013
Michael Najjar, Spacewalk, 2013


May 6th, 8:30pm

Regina José Galindo, Tierra, 2013


See full program of videoart, visual concerts and live performances here

IBRIDA Festival delle Arti Intermediali 2nd edition

May 3, 5, 6th, 2017

Palazzo Romagnoli and Fabbrica delle Candele, Forlì


© Image: Lars Jan, Holoscenes/Quatenary Suite/Untitled, 2013