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New media and technologies have radically changed the way we experience our daily life, increasingly modifying our creative processes.
Traditional disciplines like drawing, painting and sculpture are increasingly being merged with digital and electronic techniques, allowing new aesthetic experiences and opening new possibilities of perception.

Digital Canvas brings together a selection of outstanding international artists with more than 80 video works that explicitly employ the use of electronic and digital tools while making direct references to art history. 
Mounir Fatmi’s Technologia links ancient circular Arabic calligraphy and Marcel Duchamp’s rotoreliefs, the first manifestation of kinetic art produced in the context of modern and industrialized society. 
Eelco Brand uses both paint and digital techniques to create a hyper-real cosmos that reflects his conception of nature.
Cosimo Miorelli creates a new form of storytelling with live-drawing sessions accompanied by music, executed on a tablet and recorded.
Yannis Kranidiotis creates visual soundscapes by digitally re-elaborating old masterpieces.
The winner of our open call Ulla Nolden, investigates movement and its rules in everyday environments, and visualizes its abstract algorithms by using an aesthetic language that she has developed in her photographic work.


Digital Canvas also features outstanding works by Joe Hamilton, Jacques Perconte, UBERMORGEN, Pierce Warnecke, Kurt Hentschläger, Claudia Hart, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Johanna Reich, Nicolas Rupcich, Richard Garet, Feng Chen, Dejan Radovanovic, Daniel Canogar, Claudia Larcher, Mateo Amaral, Ryan Whittier Hale, Chris Coleman, Laleh Mehran, Pia MYrvoLDand Philipp Artus.