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Around Lulu. William Kentridge & Pierre Audi

EYE Museum, Amsterdam

A conversation between William Kentridge and Pierre Audi, director of Dutch National Opera, on the occasion of the exhibition  'If We Ever Get to Heaven' at EYE Museum in December 2015.

The two discuss William Kentridge's staging of the opera 'Lulu', presented by the National Opera and the Holland Festival. They look at the context of the cultural setting of the Weimar Republic, the time when Alban Berg wrote his opera 'Lulu'. They also show thematically related film excerpts from EYE’s collection.

The selection includes fragments from celebrated Weimar films like G.W. Pabst’s Die Büchse der Pandora (1929),and from the documentary 'Markt in Berlin' (1929).


Courtesy of: EYE Museum, Amsterdam



Lecture, Animation, Drawing, Opera