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Trailer: Catherine Gfeller - Portraits d'artistes

"This film is the result of a cross-fertilisation between cinema and visual arts. Photo and video artist over twenty years, I wanted to turn my camera towards twelve other artists so as to translate their work into a cinematic language. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video as are reinterpreted with camera and microphone.

These are twelve Swiss contemporary artists from the three linguistic regions and living in Switzerland or abroad.

Six women: Valerie Favre, Renée Levi, Silvie Defraoui, Mariapia Borgnini, Fiorenza Bassetti, Cécile Wick. Six men: Adrian Schiess, Jules Spinatsch, Alain Huck, Gunter Frentzel, Jean-Luc Manz, Alexander Hahn.

They become the protagonists of their work. Their own words, gestures, looks guide us to the beating heart of their creation and the meaning of their quest. The editing is composed into eight minutes for each portrait, combining landscapes, still lives of their studio, excerpts of works, and spirited portaits."

Catherine Gfeller


Interview, Switzerland, studio visit