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A conversation with Geraldine de Bastion and Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen

“Every bit counts! How Digital Activism is changing the world”

21 March 2015, Berlin

Digital innovation has strengthened existing networks and has enabled new ones to develop. Through digital tools people are communicating, creating strategies and projects for social change.

The internet and in some parts of the world particularly mobile internet has brought together people to tackle social challenges together. From fighting corruption or finding lost children to raising awareness for illnesses and catastrophes around the world. Equipped with the right tools and an appropriate understanding individuals and groups of likeminded people can as easily apply agenda setting as NGOs and lobbyists. Even fundraising and organizing volunteers can be managed digitally. Starting a grassroots campaign, organizing knowledge through crowdsourcing or securing financing through crowdfunding is just a click away.

How can these innovations drive social change on the local and global level and how do theses digital efforts translate into actual impact? Which media channels are defining our perception of reality and who are the new thought leaders?

The D.DAY initiators Andrea Bauer and Boris Moshkovits discussed current developments in digital Innovation for social change with activist Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen and digital communications expert Geraldine de Bastion.

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