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Exhibition: Co-Thinkers


The exhibition Co-Thinkers is intended as the first in a series of projects that will strive to expand the inclusion to the category of understanding.

Co-Thinkers derives understanding of inclusion beyond the simplistic idea of ​​opening a museum, and physical access to the arts, for people with disabilities or other social groups usually excluded from the number of standard museum audience.

Co-Thinkers project became an occasion to present in Moscow the key characters of the international art scene, whose works are rarely exhibited in Russia. The artworks selected within Moscow private collections, included: Cecily Brown, Antony Gormley, Maurizio Cattelan, Barbara Kruger, John Miller, Melvin Moti, Rob Pruitt, Neo Rauch, Robert Rauschenberg, Jason Rhodes, Ed Rusche, Jenny Saville, Helen Styurtevant, James Turrell, Rosemary Trokel and Cindy Sherman.

Courtesy of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Exhibition, Co-thinkers