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Staged Realities

For the first time on ikonoTV, Italian artist Marcantonio Lunardi shows the works “370 New World” (2015), “The Idol” (2015) and “The Cage” (2016), in which he reflects upon the human condition in relation to technology and the mass media. Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo’s video performances “Dicotomia” and “Equilibrium” (both 2014) silently explore the delicate balance of any relationship between human beings and focus particularly on the couple.

Nina Kurtela’s video documentation and work “Transformance” (2010) shows a five-month performance at the Uferstudios in Berlin. Over this period of time, Nina Kurtela visits the place daily, witnessing the architectural transformation of a warehouse into a dance institution. The artist becomes a spectator of the rapid change the city is undergoing, and she (quite metaphorically as well) strives to keep her place despite the machines moving, the people restlessly working and the soil disappearing under her feet.

Miquel Garcìa’s work “My Things” (2009) is a reflection about the nomadic condition of many contemporary artists. After moving from Spain to Portugal, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Luxembourg and Buenos Aires during the same year, the artist leaves his last studio by charging all his belongings on a very precarious trolley.

The group show Staged Realities also includes Michele Spanghero’s “Monologue”, Johanna Reich’s “Virtual Authentic”, Wenfeng Liao’s “You”, William Kentridge’s “Journey”, Niklas Goldbach’s “Habitat C3B”, Rain Kencana’s “Goldfish” and Constanza Jarpa’s “Light Tension”.