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Vladimir Logutov about the exhibition “Toward the Source”

February 2017

Artist Vladimir Logutov speaks on the practice of staging exhibitions in his paintings, as well as his work of this kind for" Toward the source" exhibition at Garage. 

"Toward the Source" is the first initiative at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art to invite artists to conduct research in Garage Archive Collection and make a new work-or a new interpretation of the archive materials-in response to their discoveries.

Five intergenerational practitioners with varying creative interests have each spent eight months exploring a collection from Garage Archive Collection that they found compelling, which in turn has led to further research that both expands and deepens the specificities of each particular item under scrutiny. Addressing the issue of subjectivity that underpins aural histories and personal accounts, this exhibition bridges the gap between past and present, with artists offering a contemporary perspective on the legacies of their collective histories.


Courtesy of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art