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Rhythms of Life - Nepal

Andrew Rogers

In Nepal Andrew Rogers built three geoglyphs at two sites by 1000 people against a backdrop of spectacular vistas. ‘Rhythms of Life’ and ‘Labyrinth’ (a symbol of contemplation associated with both the Hindu and Buddhist religions), are located in Jomsom in the deepest gorge on earth. They face the sacred snow covered Nilgiri mountain, which soars 7000 meters (22965 ft) above sea level and are adjacent to the renowned Kaligandaki River, which becomes a raging torrent in monsoonal times and is held sacred by the local people. ‘Knot’, which is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, was created in Pokhara, in the Seti Gorge. The construction of the three Geoglyphs took two weeks. The lines of the Geoglyphs stretch approximately 2550 metres (8366 ft.) and comprise over 4500 tons of rocks, which were shifted by hand.