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Rhythms of Life - Namibia

Andrew Rogers

‘Sacred Fire’, a stone structure, was completed by Andrew Rogers with the help of 85 Himba nomads from the Namib Desert on 17 August 2012. It is located in far north-west Namibia on the border with Angola in a harsh, dry environment, surrounded by rugged mountains and sand dunes; one of the most remote places in southern Africa. The Himba people believe in ancestor worship - they connect to ancestors through a fire known as a sacred fire. This fire is a point of contact between the living and the dead. It is kept alight continuously which has been a tradition for centuries. The stone structure created is the traditional surround of the sacred fire with an entrance from the east. Scale – 14 metres (46ft) in diameter. It is the form selected by the elders of the tribe for the community to build.

Courtesy of the artist.