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Jasper Johns at Royal Academy London

Inside the mind of a great American painter

An  American flag.  A  target . sequence of numbers .

Are these  simple subjects  for a  simple painterNot at all .

Since the 1950s, When  Jasper Johns  (born in 1930) Develops a unique language using familiar themes,  his vision is so powerful  did  paintings of targets, numbers or flags have now become Synonymous with none other than ... Jasper Johns .

In 1969 he explained his choices: " I'm interested in the idea of ​​sight, in the use of the eye .

I'm interested in how we see and why .

He also  refers to the "Things the mind already knows" .

As an artist  Jasper Johns  is  conceptual, cerebral, and analytical,  with a choice of subjects that sometimes recalls  Pop art .

But  Roberta Bernstein , a co-curator of the  exceptional exhibition,  has just returned to the  Royal Academy in London  before it is  due  in February, rejects the last categorization.

She emphasizes that  Johns is a true painter  who has no desire to simulate the workings of machines or technology in his creations.

The  exhibition,  which features  150 artworks , is  remarkably conceived  in that it is very explicitly merges themes and chronology.