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Interview with Tilt

Language of the Wall

Pera Museum hosted, for the first time in Turkey, an exhibition on one of the art world’s hottest topics – Graffiti and Street Art. Work from America and Europe were exhibited, providing interesting examples examining the concept of ‘graffiti’ and ‘bringing the street to the museum’, as well as creating a platform for discussion and debate. Hosting more than 20 artists from America, Germany, France, Japan, as well as Turkey, the exhibition, curated by Roxane Ayral, included works by distinguished names from different generations and disciplines. As part of the “Language of the Wall” exhibition artist Tilt talks about his inspirations and work. About the Artist Tilt, who lives in Toulouse, defines himself as a graffiti fetishist and a traditional graffiti artist. He argues that the simplest and most primitive state of graffiti can be as effective as three-dimensional letters: “Enjoy Primitive GraffiTilt!” Having grown interested in graffiti through the works he saw in the skateboard videos filmed in Los Angeles. In the 1980s, Tilt sought to discover this new discipline in Europe. He met 2pon, a leading graffiti artist in the town he was living in, who introduced him to the books, Spraycan Art and Subway Art that had a significant impact on his career. Commenting that he feels safe with graffiti, the artist notes that he compensates for his shortcomings with graffiti as he experiments with other fields (photography, painting, traveling, girls…). Interested in skateboarding as well, Tilt wrote his first tags on skateboard ramps with his then-group SSN 88 (Skate Speed Nation) at the age of 16. Later, he created his first large-scale piece "TIL-BER" (Tilt & Tober, his best friend) in his basement. Although he initially began exploring Wild Style, he soon realized that he enjoyed throw-ups more and decided to develop his technique in the more rounded Bubble style.