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Andrej Zdravič (1952, Slovenia) is an independent filmmaker and sound composer. From 1997 to 1980, he lived and worked in New York City, then in San Francisco until his return to Europe in 1997. Since his first film in 1973, inspired by music and nature, he has made over 30 independent films and several multimedia films. screen video installations, exploring the energy of nature and the messages they portend. In pursuing the potential of cinema to mediate experiences of natural phenomena, Zdravič has become a distinct cinema language that is rooted in his intimate perception of sound and visual rhythm. ( andrejzdravic.com )


A continuation of my exploration of the oceanic and atmospheric realm*, OCEAN CANTOS is conceived as an evolving series of short film studies of the ocean’s dynamics, its many tempers and moods, majestic beauty and power. Filmed in diverse locations of the world, the project so far includes materials from the Pacific coast of central California (2013) and from the Atlantic ‐ Cantabrian Sea shores of northern Spain (the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia), filmed in 2014 and 2015.
In early 2017, the first four films from the OCEAN CANTOS series have been released, namely: Sand's Journey, Sea Manes I, Sea Manes II and Horizons.
SAND'S JOURNEY (11:30 min) explores the peculiar motion of sand particles on a Cantabrian beach ‐ an ephemeral magical macrocosm coming into existence in‐between the tides, only to be swept away by the rising sea.
SEA MANES I (6:20 min) focuses on the steadfast power of advancing waves and their 'manes' created by the wind blowing‐off the spray from their crests, changing water from liquid to vapour.
In SEA MANES II (9:10 min), filmed at the river mouth at Mundaka, Basque Country, we experience the swift evolution of the sea states morphing through weather and light changes within a short period of hours. Large incoming waves interacting with the estuary's outgoing flow in a perpetual dance of grace and power, ranging from explosive breaking waves to the delicate whirling of the wisps of spray.
(12:30 min) Filmed on the coast of Big Sur, California, the film projects a meditative gaze on the peaceful horizons, which slowly materialize out of the white fog. The crepuscular rays of sunlight piercing the thick blanket of the fog cloud reveal a world suspended in‐between the darkness of the deep sea and the lightness of calm undulations, offering a moment of reflection on the "intimate immensity" within ourselves.
- Andrej Zdravič


Ocean Beat, Origin, Air Trio, Restless, Water Waves and video Lava. ( andrejzdravic.com )



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